TECA® Elite Disposable Concentric EMG Needle Electrodes


TECA® Elite Disposable Concentric Needle Electrodes from Nicolet are renowned for optimal sharpness, consistently low impedances and lightweight cable and hub design.

  • Optimal sharpness for greater patient comfort
  • Orientation-free connection for ease of use
  • Color coding by needle size for easy identification
  • Security clip and recording area direction indicator
  • Ergonomically designed hub
  • 99.9% concentricity
  • Consistently low impedance for accurate recording
  • Lightweight cable and design hub

Available in the following sizes: 

Part Number Length Needle diameter (mm) Hub Colour Recording area (mm2) Quantity
553153 1" (25mm) 0.30 (30G) Red 0.03 25/box
553155 1" (25mm) 0.46 (26G) Yello 0.07 25/box
553156 1.5" (37mm) 0.46 (26G) Green


553158 2" (50mm) 0.46 (26G) Blue


553159 3" (75mm) 0.46 (26G) Violet



Use in conduction with cable X21001

TECA Elite Disposable Concentric Needle Electrodes feature a Trocar point and 15" tip angle. FOR SINGLE USE ONLY. Individually sealed. Sterilized by gamma irradiation. Require Needle Holder (Cable) Part X21001. 

Product information – TECA ELITE Disposable Needle Electrodes have been sterilized by gamma irradiation. Product Shelf Life is marked on the pack. Expiration is three years from sterilization date. Nicole recommends that each package be inspected, prior to opening, for damage to the seal or the pouch. The product remains sterile to the expiration date as long as the seal or the pouch remain undamaged and unopened. Contains no latex.

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