Nicolet™ PSG - Sleep Supplies

Nicolet offers a growing list of sleep supplies from leading manufacturers, such as Nonin®, Pro-Tech® and Dymedix.

Our most popular sleep supplies include:

Disposable EEG Cup Electrodes

The Disposable EEG Cup Electrodes are made with patient safety in mind. Eliminate your risk of cross-contamination and decrease clean up time by using them once and throwing them away after the procedure.

Reusable “Tangle-Free” Pediatric 6mm and Adult 10mm EEG Cup Electrodes

Reusable tangle free range of EEG Cup electrodes with 6mm/10mm cup diameter.

Nonin Sleep Sensors

Reusable PureLight® Flex Sensors For Dependable SpO2 Readings

Dymedix Disposable Airflow Sensors

Disposable, self-adhesive sensor stays in place. PVDF technology records oral and nasal airflow on one channel. Soft, confortable design increases patient tolerance.

Pro-Tech zRIP DuraBelt Inductance Respiratory Effort Sensors

The enhanced zRIP DuraBelt is designed to help sleep lab professionals acquire reliable, clear and accurate respiratory effort signals.

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