Xltek PSG – Home Sleep

Xltek PSG Home Sleep – a full featured PSG in an ambulatory package

Often the best way to measure a patient’s sleep patterns is to use an ambulatory device in a patient's home environment. Regardless of where it’s used, the device must be durable & comfortable with dependable signal quality and long battery life. Trex is a multi-modality, full channel ambulatory recorder that's both small and lightweight yet delivers reliability, flexibility and performance.

Trex operates easily and affordably

Trex operates easily and affordably on two AA batteries and also provides extended recording with storage capacity of up to 96 hours of data. Trex will promote a successful night of sleep while providing the screening data required.

Trex features 24 AC channels, 4 differential channels and 4 DC channels plus oxymetry data.

It's dual purpose – providing you with both sleep and EEG functionality – and therefore cost effective. Trex easily connects to a PC via a high-speed USB cable and it can upload 24 hours worth of data in less than 6 minutes. 

Combines with Sleepworks

Combined with Sleepworks, our proprietary software solution, the system enhances workflow with easy, intuitive functions to help you efficiently and effectively review data.

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Xltek PSG – Home Sleep