Dantec™KEYPOINT® G4 Workstation

Dantec Keypoint G4 is the next generation of the Keypoint EMG range. Widely used throughout the UK, the Keypoint EMG range has a heritage spanning over 50 years and was developed under the guidance of Professor Erik Stålberg.

  • Ergonomic cart configuration has been designed with clinicians in mind, with improvements such as adjustable monitor position, easily swappable arm location and integrated, ultra-small PC.
  • Up to eight recording channels, combined with a comprehensive multi-stimulator facilitate high-end tests including Collision Studies, MEPs, full tremor analysis and more.
  • Increased performance of amplifiers and stimulators ensure minimal stimulus artefact and outstanding signal recordings.
  • Equipped with the latest Keypoint.NET software that allows: -
    • revolutionary Peak Triggering Single Fibre EMG
    • full multi-MUP analysis (with online comparison to Stålberg’s normative data)
    • intuitive Nerve Conduction suite with fully-customisable, protocol based tests available
    • complete range of advanced Evoked Potential tests
    • …and much more
  • Advanced Microsoft® Word report configuration and easy exporting to Microsoft® Excel come as standard.
  • Runs under Microsoft® Windows 7, ensuring  your EMG system is prepared for future IT developments.

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Dantec™KEYPOINT® G4 Workstation