Xltek EEG – Portable

Xltek EEG - Portable – “four-in-one” system

Our laptop-based system incorporates high resolution digital video with a choice of compact lightweight amplifiers. This multi-function system can be configured for department based, portable, ambulatory or sleep recordings

Portable EEG/Video system

Sited on a compact ‘point of care’ trolley, the system is ideally suited for EEG studies carried out in ICU, SCBU and General Wards. The cart height can be easily adjusted for seated or standing use. It can also be taken to satellite hospitals in a small, robust flight case.

Department based Routine EEG/Video

Studies with no compromise of EEG and video quality. An optional photic stimulator is available.

Ambulatory Studies

Move seamlessly from a routine EEG to a 96 hour Ambulatory study. The headbox may be disconnected and used in ambulatory EEG mode for up to 96 hours!

Sleep Studies

The Trex headbox features 24 EEG, 4 differential and 4 DC channels plus pulse-oxymetry inputs to enable MLST and sleep studies. Our video cameras have built in infrared sources to capture clear video in dark patient rooms. Manual and automated sleep staging and scoring software is also available.

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Xltek EEG - Portable