Xltek EEG - Ambulatory

Small and lightweight yet powerful

Choosing an ambulatory EEG device that patients find both comfortable and unobtrusive has always been a challenge. We love a challenge. So we set out to engineer a device we could put on a child, instead of putting the child on the device! Today the XLTEK Trex is the smallest, lightest and most powerful ambulatory, clinical EEG and home sleep recorder available.


Ideal for both adult and paediatric studies


Less than 300g and comfortable for the patient to wear.

Easy to use

No tapes or cards to worry about, the Trex has its own internal memory and operates easily on two AA batteries.


The Trex can record for up to 96 hours. It has 24 EEG channels, 4 differential channels, 4 DC channels, an event switch plus an optional oxymeter.

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Xltek EEG - Ambulatory