Nicolet™ EEG Amplifiers

Reliable equipment that increases flexibility of your applications

Nicolet’s trusted line of innovative amplifiers allow you to capture brain wave activity, electroencephalography, with hassle free, reliable equipment that increases flexibility of your applications. Our newest addition to the family is the Nicolet Wireless Amplifier.

Nicolet v32 EEG Amplifier

Excellent noise specs, cost effective, built to be a low cost amp with great specs, high quality signal for lower price. Connects to oximeter by cable so records SpO2 using the xpod cable, 32 channels.

  • Powerful  Glow-in-the-dark overlays
  • Integrates with the vEEG System

Nicolet v44 EEG Amplifier

  • Nicolet v44 EEG amplifier with built-in DC functionality
  • 32 isolated channels (9 Bipolar)
  • 12 high level analog DC inputs
  • Built-in NONIN pulse oximetry (requires sensor) records SpO2 and Pleth
  • Glow-in-the-dark overlays for easy viewing in low light levels
  • Excellent noise levels and specs
  • Integrates with the Nicolet Sleep application software for easy and efficient performance of Sleep Studies

Nicolet™ EEG Wireless Amplifier

The much anticipated wireless amplifier unit is big on performance and flexibility, but compact in size. This multi-faceted platform consolidates many features into a single multi-function unit. This enables a variety of clinical EEG, ICU Brain Monitoring, Sleep (PSG) and Epilepsy Long Term Monitoring (LTM) studies in ambulatory, clinical and research settings.  

Nicolet™ EEG CSeries amplifiers

C64 OR and C64 OR/SSU Amplifier

Two amplifiers may be linked to electronically select 128 channels and can be used for routine LTM Monitoring, interoperative OR, and enhancing the LTM monitoring of grid and strip electrodes.

  • Designed for intracranial LTM grid/strip electrodes, Subdermal needles, OR and ICU Applications.
  • Redesign of touch proof connectors for improved spacing
  • Inductors provide patient protection from electrocautery
  • Single unit composed of C64 OR amplifier and Stimulus Switching Unit (SSU)
  • Helps improve performance during electrocautery
  • Provides automatic electronic method of switching electrodes
  • Immediate viewing of EEG on stimulated electrodes
  • These amplifiers are still available in 16, 32 and 64 channel options (with option to combine to 128)

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Nicolet™ EEG Amplifiers